Tools Reference

You can find the tools under the bin/ or bat\ folder where you installed OpenDJ directory server. For example, /path/to/opendj/bin.

Table of Contents
backup — back up OpenDJ directory data
base64 — encode and decode base64 strings
control-panel — start the OpenDJ graphical admin interface
create-rc-script — script to manage OpenDJ as a service on UNIX
dbtest — gather OpenDJ JE database debugging information
dsconfig — manage OpenDJ directory server configuration
dsframework — manage OpenDJ administration framework
dsjavaproperties — apply OpenDJ Java home and JVM settings
dsreplication — manage OpenDJ directory data replication
encode-password — encode a password with an OpenDJ storage scheme
export-ldif — export OpenDJ directory data in LDIF
import-ldif — import OpenDJ directory data from LDIF
ldapcompare — perform LDAP compare operations
ldapdelete — perform LDAP delete operations
ldapmodify — perform LDAP modify, add, delete, mod DN operations
ldappasswordmodify — perform LDAP password modifications
ldapsearch — perform LDAP search operations
ldif-diff — compare small LDIF files
ldifmodify — apply LDIF changes to LDIF
ldifsearch — search LDIF with LDAP filters
list-backends — list OpenDJ backends and base DNs
make-ldif — generate test LDIF
make-ldif.template — template file for the make-ldif command
manage-account — manage state of directory server accounts
manage-tasks — manage OpenDJ server administration tasks
rebuild-index — rebuild index after configuration change
restore — restore OpenDJ directory data backups
setup — install OpenDJ directory server
start-ds — start OpenDJ directory server
status — display basic OpenDJ server information
stop-ds — stop OpenDJ directory server
uninstall — remove OpenDJ directory server software
upgrade — upgrade OpenDJ configuration & application data
verify-index — check index for consistency or errors